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What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth stands as a beacon of connectivity in the healthcare landscape, spanning over four decades of service across the United States. Its advent has heralded a transformative wave, reshaping the very essence of healthcare delivery and reshuffling the dynamics between providers, patients, and their communities. Through this medium, hospitals and specialized practices extend their healing touch to the remotest corners, bridging the gaps of accessibility and offering specialized care where it’s needed most.

Beyond mortality rates, the ripple effects of telehealth are felt across the healthcare ecosystem. By treating non-emergent conditions on-site, emergency room admissions witness a decline, alleviating the burden on hospital resources and enhancing the efficiency of care delivery. Moreover, the economic landscape sees a shift, as the overhead of patient travel expenses and nursing home facilities is curtailed.

In essence, telehealth emerges not just as a conduit for remote healthcare but as a catalyst for systemic change, fostering a future where healthcare knows no bounds and every patient, regardless of location, receives the care they deserve.


Telepsychiatry’s ascent within the United States is propelled by a pressing need: a nationwide scarcity of psychiatrists, particularly in specialized domains like child and adolescent psychiatry. This shortage creates a chasm in mental healthcare accessibility, especially in rural or underserved regions. Telepsychiatry stands as a beacon of hope, bridging this gap by enabling psychiatrists to reach more patients, regardless of geographical constraints.

At Telaka Health, we champion Telepsychiatry and mental health services across our partnerships with companies such as Virtual Consult MD. Our Telehealth team stands ready at each site, dedicated to address provider needs. Through seamless collaboration with local community healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical agencies, we ensure quality and continuity of care, fostering a holistic approach to mental wellness.


One of the major benefits of telemedicine has been to bring speciality medical care such as Neurology to areas rural or under-served areas that have a barrier to access.   Teleneurology has lead to nationwide networks such as Tele-stroke, which have improved patient outcomes for stroke patients.

Here at Telaka Health, we provide Teleneurology services for a variety of providers.  Our staff is available at each location to assist them with their technical needs. We collaborate with local community healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical agencies/facilities in an effort to provide quality and continuity of care.


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